The Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association believes chiropractors must play an active role in the development of state health care policy.  In the 2017 Legislative Session alone, hundreds of pieces of health care related legislation were presented to the Arkansas General Assembly.  Health care issues are top of the legislative agenda, and few legislators are physicians. Consequently, they may not realize how a piece of legislation might affect chiropractic services without being educated from a chiropractic prospective.

Serving as your voice at the State Capitol, the ACPA continually represents chiropractic physicians and our patients before the Arkansas General Assembly.

To maintain and strengthen this powerful voice, it is instrumental to support the ACPA’s nonpartisan political action committee, the ACPA PAC.  The ACPA PAC is the only political action committee representing the unified voice of the Chiropractic profession.  Through the ACPA PAC, we can work together to develop legislation that can make a difference in chiropractic practice and the health of Arkansans. ACPA PAC is your opportunity to create the changes you wish to see!

What is the ACPA-PAC?

ACPA-PAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association. Its goal is to support candidates who believe in and support Chiropractic care in their efforts to win election to public office.

What does the ACPA PAC do?

ACPA PAC makes direct contributions to pro-Chiropractic candidates seeking election to the Arkansas Legislature and certain statewide offices.

What can you do to help?

By contributing to the ACPA PAC and being politically involved in the ACPA, you can help influence legislators to pass, defeat or amend legislation that shapes the future of chiropractic and impacts the welfare of your patients. Becoming politically involved is the best way to ensure your voice is heard and that you are part of the solution.

If you have any questions concerning ACPA PAC, please contact the Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association Governmental Affairs Chairman at 870-739-6880.

Robbie Wills
Robbie WillsAttorney at Law and Former Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives

ACPA Government Affairs Committee and our lobbyists help us fight for what matters most to Chiropractic Physicians…

In addition to the ACPA PAC, the ACPA is represented by one of the top government affairs firms in Arkansas, the Wills Law Firm, PLLC.  The principal of the Wills Law Firm is Robbie Wills, Attorney at Law and former Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives. His wife and business partner, Dana Wills, C.P.A., serves the ACPA as a government affairs specialist and budget analyst.  Rick Green, former State Representative and Chief Legislative Liaison for Governor Asa Hutchinson, serves ACPA as a government affairs specialist and strategist. Their combined years of experience in state government provide the ACPA with the expertise necessary for success.

Our lobbyists closely monitor legislative and regulatory issues affecting your practice, communicate our policy goals to legislators and other stakeholders and directly advocate our positions to policymakers. Working independently or as part of a coordinated government affairs effort with ACPA members, our lobbyists ensure the chiropractic message gets through, loud and clear.

An effective government affairs effort is all about relationships. The ACPA relies on the strong relationships, trust and mutual respect our lobbyists have built throughout the years, to effectively communicate our objectives and represent our interests, and to preserve freedom of choice in healthcare for Arkansans and promote the chiropractic physicians’ right to deliver that unique service.

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