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The Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association stands for unity. The ACPA is a “big tent” organization in which chiropractors of all philosophical persuasions are welcomed as equals.

We stand to preserve the status of the D.C. as physician, protecting and updating the current board scope of chiropractic practice and maintaining the independence and autonomy of the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

We resist on all fronts any attempt to restrict practice rights, increase educational or testing requirements for D.C.’s, or otherwise hinder the free practice of chiropractic according to the dictates of conscience of the individual chiropractor.

The Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association stands for Unity.

We defend the borders of chiropractic practice to repel any effort to allow non-physicians to practice the art of spinal manipulation.

We provide frequent educational opportunities of the highest quality, with reasonable cost reflecting as much as possible the many methods and differing schools of thought within the profession.

We advance at every opportunity the presence and parity of the chiropractic profession in matters of third party reimbursement, and vigorously resisting all attempts to isolate and incrementally reduce third party reimbursement for chiropractic services.

We advance at every opportunity the accessibility of chiropractic for all who seek it. Specifically, working for full parity in the Medical system and workers compensation arenas, and for inclusion in managed care and preferred provider plans.

The Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association stands for public education. The ACPA believes the foundation of all its work is the fostering in the public mind of the awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care and the safety of chiropractic methods.

We provide nurturing and mentoring of the new practitioner, as well as the more experienced doctor.

We defend and support expanding the chiropractic student’s tuition assistance grant program.

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