The ACPA is Working for You...

  • We represent chiropractic in the legislative arena with integrity and honesty.  We have earned the respect of politicians with a full time lobbyist on staff. This provides for a more conducive political working environment and projects a positive image for chiropractic.
  • Maintain a full-time management firm to conduct association business. This provides for professional handling of association information and member inquiries.
  • We abide by an organizational structure that is conducted in a democratic manner and provides for rotation of new members into leadership positions. This ensures the will of the membership majority is achieved and that new ideas and thoughts are heard.
  • We provide quality continuing education classes for doctors and chiropractic assistants on the latest issues, scientific findings and techniques for immediate implementation into the clinic setting.
  • We have continuing feedback and communication with Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield through representation on their advisory boards. Have arranged sessions at conventions with Medicare/Blue Cross Blue Shield officials.
  • We have offered IME certification class for scoliosis screeners and reviewers through the Arkansas State Board of Health.
  • We have representation in provider coalitions to insure the chiropractic viewpoint/issues are heard and respected. This representation allows for cross profession dialogue and a strong united effort to be presented on mutual concern.

Why Should You Become an Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association Member?

  • To join the growing effort for unity of the chiropractic profession in Arkansas.
  • To help protect and advance the profession of chiropractic in the state of Arkansas.
  • To aid and nurture a positive image of chiropractic in the legislative and public arena.
  • To ensure all citizens of Arkansas will continue to have access to chiropractic care.

Make the Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association your professional home!

For more information about the Arkansas Chiropractic Association, contact:

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